Moving Objects With Clockwork Mechanism by Yang Song

Yang Song Portrays The Familiar and Unfamiliar Moving Objects With Clockwork Mechanism

Yang Song, the author of the highlighted design Familiar and Unfamiliar - Moving objects with clockwork mechanism by Yang Song spells out, I believe that objects have souls. We give identities and personalities to objects, and they are also reflections of ourselves. This project is a discussion from objects’ perspective. It is a dramatic and humorous furniture design collection. All of the objects have clockwork equipments which makes them familiar but unfamiliar; impossible in daily lives but lifelike in a fairytale dream or memory. According to Heidegger’s ontology on object, the difference between an object and a thing is probably related to people. Lacan also indicates in “Mirror Stage” that the recognition and ident.

Moving Objects With Clockwork Mechanism by Yang Song Images:


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