Residential House by Viacheslav Deev

Viacheslav Deev Presents The Onyx House Residential House

Viacheslav Deev, the designer of the awarded design Residential House:Onyx House by Viacheslav Deev points out, Location of the land, to where will be built the private residence, is located partially in the old building plot, where is remained the forest. Place itself requires exploitation of the existing, but especially forest massives with the relief of the landscape. This way the first floor would be open to the nature in maximum way and at the same time it would be formatted as the cocoon, meaning it will be the environment offering security.Colours, light and texture in the chosen materials will imitate the nature and will blend in to the nature, as if the house doesn´t exist. Evening light will reclect form the tree trunks, colour of the front will play with tree bark. The stonewall of the fireplace will come out of the ground as a natural stonewall. The location itself has defined the idea of the whole project conception, a pine forest with it´s different reliefs, the abcense of other houses opened the opportunity to create the clean and natural facade to the building..

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